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Here is my History as well as how I started Hilbrands Carpet Care.
John Hilbrands cleaning carpetHilbrands Carpet Care is founded by me, John Hilbrands.  I am an owner operator and am still on every job I schedule.  When  I was young I was an apartment maintence man and manager,  In 1985 I got a job with a large carpet cleaning firm called Century Carpet Care.  They were a well liked firm that also manufactured truck mounts and equipment so it was an industry insider.  They cleaned using every method from bonnet, to shampoo, to steam, yet we mostly did steam clean specializing in no residue truck mounted steam cleaning.   Every week they would have training days discussing residue, Stainguard, repairs etc.  I worked for them for 5 years and become a trainer for them and a principal technician.  My uncle was also a carpet installer and that with some classes enabled me to became a carpet repair specialist.  I soon become very proficient and soon in addition to carpet cleaning became the primary carpet repair technician and was used to teach carpet repair to others in the company. 

 Later when I moved to Temecula, I still commuted to orange county before I started to work for some of the largest carpet cleaning companies in this area (Temecula, Murrieta Sun City, Lake Elsinore Hemet, Wildomar, Winchester) such as: Americlean, Guarantee, A-1, Miraclean, First Choice. Each of these companies I was the favored technician and trainer with standing offers to return if I decided to.  I always had the greatest repeat customers and lowest complaint percentage, so deciding to start Hilbrands Carpet Care was inevitable.

I started Hilbrands Carpet Care in Temecula in 1992 and it grew in the early 2000's when property's were getting repossessed and Realty firms were doing heavy resale's of severely damaged properties.  We enlarged to include all in one cleaning and restoring of residential homes when some firms asked if I would do this for them as well.  I took my knowledge of unit repair as well to fix some things and treated every house like it was my duty to make it sell for the most possible.  I never charged for things other then the carpet, tile, and home cleaning but repaired some things rather then just ignore them, all while cleaning at a heavier and more thorough method then a maid service.

We grew to be consistently full and were heavily recommended by banks and realty firms due to homes in the morning being eyesores and in the evening showplaces.  We could clean carpets who most would leave stained.  Dual process was our secret and no firm knew how we got carpets so clean.  Dual process was a method Century would have a single operator (me) do on the worst of homes.   I received calls from some local companies asking what my secret was and even some firms set up cleaning of their homes to watch me.  Later I made a video which many firms copied to include dual process in their services.

Tile cleaning was done at every vacant repo so we started experimenting with different products.  With all the years in service I had become close friends with a large supply company and he knew I was one of the few that did a lot of tile jobs every week so he would give me products to test as they came out,  eventually I could get the tile cleaner then any other company.  After cleaning 100's of homes we became the local tile cleaning experts while many were pretending to clean tile with soaps and heavy residue we were making grout look new with a neutralizing acid, using pole brush, and steaming using an Sx12. 

As business increased there was no longer a need to supplement our business with home cleaning and we discontinued it in 2012.  Understanding resale as well as the heavy training made us very responsible for not just lip service but actual results to make you love your carpets and tile once more.

Thanks for reading:
John Hilbrands