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As a carpet repair specialist in Temecula CA, I have taught classes on carpet repair and have done 1000's of patches and room restretching.  The gambit runs from dog tear repairs  at doorways, cutting out and patching bleach spots, to full home restretching including hallways that require seams opened and shortened. You can call me for an accurate price at 951-695-5041 Thanks John Hilbrands.

Hilbrands Carpet Care has always been a specialist in carpet repair: Originally as a carpet repair instructor with Century I would do most of the carpet patching and restretching for the company and those that other technicians refused. The secret of course is taking your time and using the best materials to accomplish the repair. The two biggest calls for me are stretching hallway carpet wrinkles and carpet patches near the door from dog damage..  Of course we also do bleach damage cut out and patching and color spot  damage. Interestingly I often find I have the lowest prices regardless of my experience.  It seem that everyone is seeking to get rich on every customer I prefer to stay busy and satisfy my customers:    

Carpet Patches are necessary when their is a hole or damage that must be cut out to correct. Replacement carpet is used to patch the damage.
often caused by dogs, Iron, bleach, remodeling, etc. Prices vary by size and location i.e. against wall is easier..

Please watch the video bellow it explains a lot.

are generally 125.00 the process below is typical:
  • Verify a replacement piece is matching
  • Cut out damaged area, if possible preserve as pattern.
  • Bring pattern to donor location and cut it out from back to minimize face fiber cutting (unless Berber).
  • position in location and verify perfect fit
  • Seam in using seaming tape if no room for seaming iron use glue gun on seaming tape.
  • Patch donor area using carpet from truck (probably not perfect match so donor area should be slightly hidden in closet.
When patching carpet we usually use a pieces from a closet and then patch the closet with piece matching the carpet as close as possible. This means an exact match in the main area and a close match in the hidden location.

Carpet berber repair

Here is a bleach repair that was in the hard category: 1)Carpet damage was large a 3 foot square, 2) Carpet required pattern matching, 3) Carpet damage in the center of the room.

Here's a little story on this repair: I had just met a carpet dyer a couple days earlier who had talked himself up a bit to me so I gave a bleach phone estimate his number. The dyer met him and told him the whole carpet had to be dyed a darker shade due to color variations and it was impossible to match so the customer had me do this perfect repair for a fifth of the price. When the dyer called me later that day to ask me to go 100 miles for a referral while my referral was in our same town I refused. He started to cuss at me, shocked I got of the phone as soon as possible. I did mention I had just done this repair and sent him a photo. The dyer called me back and apologized he didn't know that I was able to do this level of work, but I never recommended him again. I no longer recommend carpet dyers for bleach as they seam a little on the pricey / aggressive side.

Carpet run repair

This is a fairly easy Berber carpet run repair.  Damage image on right repaired is on left (reversed). Success like most things is in the little things. 1) I taped the Berber line open to accept repair. 2)I thinned the backing of the replacement piece 3) Cut the replacement so I had enough on sides so it wouldn't run but not so much as to show 4) used just enough hot melt to not overflow but hold the piece in.

Carpet repair dog damage

This is an example of dog damage at a door way. The first image is showing the damage next a new piece is seamed in and last it was cleaned.
As you can see sometimes carpet needs cleaning to make the carpet repair less visible

Carpet Restretching:

Carpet restretching is needed when carpet buckles from looseness, this could be due to weak carpet, heavy furniture, or bad installation.

Please watch the video below it explains a lot.

Restretch: 100.00 to 150.00 per room
Restretching carpet requires most rooms to be emptied but using sliders have greatly lessened the difficulty of this. Most light items are moved out by the customer and we usually handle the heavier stuff. We work one room at a time so we can move stuff into the hallway. In some cases we need to work around built ins but two walls need to be clear they are usually the headboard wall and wall opposite the door. In general I stretch the 1st room in 2 hours because I do the hardest room first usually a hallway or master bedroom. Then it takes about an hour per room. A hall even though it is empty takes a bit longer due to needing to cut overlap in the center of the hall and reseaming. In some cases looseness at doorways can be fixed when doing a hall restretch.

For carpet clean up we vacuum under your furniture before we put it back as its unlikely that you will ever have this opportunity again. Sometimes people want carpet cleaning as well but wonder why we put everything back before cleaning? Generally the biggest issue is getting permanent furnture stains secondly is safety of the operator and furniture. Lifting furniture is easier then trying to get blocks or tabs under it and the combination of lifting and blocking heavy objects is dangerous. even paid furniture movers don't do that combination. Leaving heavy furniture off of the carpet for the customer to put back after the carpet is dry would be overly burdensome so we put it all back. lighter furniture on the other hand can be tabbed or blocked but is easier to shift around as we work. So we completely clean up from the repair and then carpet clean like normal cleaning around heavy objects and moving lighter ones that are on soiled areas.

power stretching hall

Here is another view of the image at the top of this page. Notice the complicated layout of the power stretcher. When there is no wall for it to brace too often you must come up with a solution. Here I needed to use the post (for strength) but the doorway wasn't across so I had to use extension poles to align  Between extension poles and 2x4s there usually is a solution

Hall seam before and after

Here is a view of the carpet seam as it is completed showing carpet overlap and finished carpet seam before the support of the nails and carpet stretcher were removed. (carpet seam is invisible but is centered between nails)
Restretching carpet in room with furniture

Here is a typical furnished room being stretched: Notice the power stretcher this is necessary to make a tight carpet and is required to properly install carpet.
We have slid heavy furniture out but bulky furniture such as bed is just on sliders to move around in the room as we progress.  It generally only takes one operator when sliders are used.

Price guarantee.

Call for prices adjusted for your needs. I usually price on phone and stick to estimate so even though I'm one of the few carpet cleaners in Temecula that post all prices on line so don't fear a large total just call.