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In stock supply
This is our local carpet cleaning supply store. They are located at 1121 w. Acacia in hemet.(951) 652-4275

Three Star Janitorial
(909) 984-2113 at 204 E Holt Blvd, Ontario, CA 91761 This is a large janitorial supply store in Ontario and I have known the owner for over 20 years. Whenever I'm near ontario I stop by to stock up on some chemicals.

Proschoice is my preferred chemical manufacturer, however I also use chemspec and other major brands.


I recommend a few Companies for services other then Carpet Cleaning in temecula. I get no kickbacks or payments for these referrals I recommend them because they're good.

Rodger Miller Plumbing
Roger Miller Plumbing, (951) 693-4799: Roger is located in Temecula and has been a friend since his daughter attended my wife's daycare. He was always willing to help and is constantly giving to people he meets. He like all plumbers has been offered a 250.00 finders fee for floods yet gives them to me for free and I in turn have kept his floods down around 250.00 total. When I refer him he in turn gives a good price to my customers.

House Call Pros
Dry Wall, 951-693-2816: Jeff Steigely was brought to my attention by Roger. Roger says he can cut a channel for a full re-pipe in the drywall and Jeff does a perfect repair absolutely invisible. I have used him on three floods when it was necessary to open the wall or ceiling and he has done a great job for a great price.

Finding or renting out a home: I used to mention rent clicks to advertise to get tenants but craigslist has taken over in popularity and the last few property managers I have talked to are now using it exclusively (with a yard sign) and have excellent results.

I know of many real-estate agents but since new ones use me all the time I doubt if they would appreciate me advertising someone else to their clients so sorry guys (and gals).