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Cleaning and Repair Processes and Prices

Welcome To Hilbrands Carpet Care in Temecula, CA here is a list off all the Cleaning and repair prices we offer. You may browse below or click to instantly go to section.
I have made Carpet cleaning prices easy and set a low price that includes vacuuming moving furniture and spotting (if heavy soil I can add dual process / scrubber for small extra see below).
Carpet Cleaning prices Hibrands Carpet Care
  • First 3 rooms: 125.00
  • Extra rooms: 25.00.
  • Stairs: 35.00.
  • Larger walk-in closet or bath: 10.00.
Process is the same or better then most good companies even if their 3x the price so I don't short change to discount. My square ft. max is 200 sq. feet which is more generous then most Co.'s. I am pretty fair when it comes to room sizes though so I don't go around measuring every room I do call a LR/DR or a divided Master bedroom as 2 but rarely any other. Below is some typical whole home examples:

Multi room carpet cleaning price examples:

  • 3 rooms: 125.00 with hall 150.00 with stairs 185.00. Extra rooms 25.00.
  • Small home: 5 rooms and hall 200.00 with stairs 235.00 Extra rooms 25.00.
  • Average home: 7 rooms and hall 250.00 or with stairs 285.00. Extra rooms 25.00.
  • Large home: 9 rooms and hall 300.00. or with stairs 335.00. Extra rooms 25.00

Carpet Cleaning Extras:

Some services are extra if desired. I have set a low price for these services and rarely mention them unless obviously needed.

Soil Retardant: 10.00 per room.
We are a licensed Stainguard applicator. One of the best soil retardants I have used. While many over dilute or even worse fail to apply we use as directed and can demonstrate this by drying it on a paper towel in the microwave and then inserting it water to show water repellency.

Dual Process: 50.00 for 4 rooms extra rooms  0.00-10.00 per room.
Rather then leaving some rooms partially soiled we can power scrub them before steaming the carpet so its added to only the dirtiest of rooms.. This is what sets our company apart from others and has made us preferred by many property managers.

Speed drying: 25.00 (blower rental pick up next day).

Red-Out: 45.00 for hand size red stain removal.
Red out Is a method that loosens dye. While carpet dyes vary in strength generally food dyes are weaker then carpet dyes. Mostly just the red comes out. However its a delicate balance and needs to be stopped when background color starts to loosen. At this time red is either removed or severely lightened. It is very important to have an experienced repairman to attempt this

Pet spots enzyme treatment: 35.00 for 1 gallon enzyme (most homes don't need more)
Pet spots are best treated with enzyme and needs to be fresh and cool until use. (it decreases efficiency as it ages). Each spot must be located and saturated through to the pad (a lot on each spot). I use a black light to locate but darkness is required or use eyes and nose for more obvious areas. I also can lift carpet and see damage on backing and then replace a corner of saturated pad and spray underneath for slightly more.

Pet Spots in Tank Deodorizer 15.00 per home:
Deodorizers which help but have no long term solution can be added to steam chemical. Many co.'s price for a lot more. I use a chemical which also has some antimicrobial properties smells like cinnamon and many people feel it makes home smells disappear.
We do all process to clean any fabric for one low price.


Different processes are used for different fabrics. They are  All fabric rinse (slightly acidic to avoid bleeding and browning), Foam cleaning (usually used with all fiber rinse to avoid residue), and steam cleaning strongest.

It is common to use combinations of processes above based on conditions. For instance a microfiber sofa's biggest issue is it can get crushed and show streaks in it so I steam all spots and soiled areas, then spry rinse and extract using special velour tool that has holes in it vs. a slit (it gives a smooth lay), then I towel smooth to make lay perfect. Other examples is a rayon where you need to keep very dry so a rinse is only used, but on a dirty edge it would be foam cleaned, then rinsed.

Furniture Cleaning Prices

  • Sofas: 95.00 (extra long slightly extra)
  • Love seat: 75.00
  • Easy Chair: 35.00.
  • Arm chair: 30.00.
  • Dining chair: 10.00 seat only 15.00 with back.
  • Sectionals: are priced based on what pieces they compare too. A sofa and a loveseat size (most common) would be 135.00. 2 sofa size would be 150.00. Larger U shaped might include an easy chair (35.00) or even another sofa (75.00).

Best possible repairs for less.

My Repairs have made me famous. As a repair specialist I have taught classes in repair. So whether you choose me due to my low price or high quality you can be sure that I will do a good job and be careful with your carpet. A lot of skill is required to make the repair as unnoticeable as possible. Wear, color, and carpet quality all most be considered. I do not charge extra for Berber as I actually like to repair it.

Restretch: 115.00 for a average room 150.00 large room.  walkin closets and baths are 45.00.
L shaped or divided rooms would be priced as 2 small rooms.  Halls are 100.00 but often need to be seemed because stretch is to the middle and overlap cut then reseamed so add a seam of 45.00 is common.  Stairs are 7.50 each.  Furniture moving is typically added if necessary 25.00 to 40.00 per room. To stretch we use a power stretcher and carpet is tucked and trimmed.  In some cases moving furniture is waved or reduced if numerous rooms or light to few pieces of furniture so its best to call for a quote.

Reattatch to tack strip: Small corner or doorway 50.00 about 3 feet.  Larger would be a room restretch.

New edge to tile:
75.00 for 3 feet after that 10:00 per foot
(when new tile floor was installed) includes Tack strip and small stretch.

Carpet Repair: 75.00 for small size up to 150.00 for large repair.
Removal of iron burn, un-removable stain, fix hole, pet damage etc. Seamed in using seeming iron not two sided tape!

We do all process for one low price.

Tile Grout Cleaning prices Hibrands Carpet Care


My grout cleaning service is the most thorough you can find.  After doing hundreds of grout jobs I have found that spraying the grout with a tile cleaning solution and then scrubbing every grout line with a V shaped grout pole brush causing the grunge to lift prior to steam cleaning. After the grout looks clean I then steam and extract using truck mounted high strength machinery this rinses the grout and steams the tile clean. The final step is I dry using numerous towels not left to air dry as some companies so I leave a very clean finish. While not required sealing is available.  Process is get a section clear, clean and dry, then move furniture back and continue working through the tiled areas.


  • Grout / Tile cleaning: 40 cents per square foot
  • Grout Sealing: 15 cents per square foot
  • Power Scrubbing: 15 cents per square foot This is unusual but for very soiled textured tile, (not grout as it is handled with pole brush and most tile cleans with rx20 pressure washing after the pole brush).


I estimate square footage over the phone so I can give you a price and then measure at the time of the appointment correcting my estimate. This generally is about 1/2 of what other companies charge especially in home estimate companies. The typical job is the downstairs hall around to garage laundry and bath, plus the kitchen and eating area and usually totals around 500 square feet so would be 200.00.  Adding a family room the total becomes about 700 square feet so about 280.00. On some large homes with everything tiled downstairs we sometimes hit 1,000 sq. feet or 400.00. Some caveats with measuring is that we include kitchen island as if it were tiled (due to low sq. footage and how much harder edges are) and a bathroom or other area separated by carpet as at least 50 feet.  My phone estimates are rarely off by more then 100 square feet which would be 40.00.
We can complete your flood damage without gouging.


With the "use it you loose it" insurance today I realize that the repair should be paid by the customer not insurance (I've heard insurance will raise rates for everything from an inquiry to a previous owner having a flood with increases of 1,000.00 per year possible). So be careful when company's say just pay the deductible and they will bill the insurance co even though they are over charging. I do most floods for 500.00 to 1,000.00 not 10,000.00 as some companies charge. For do it yourselfers. I made a step by step it may be incomplete as experience causes more or less steps to be used so you may damage your homes value you can see it here.


First day:
  • Inspect carpet and walls
  • Estimate job
  • Move furniture off of wet carpet.
  • Extract water of off carpet
  • Roll carpet back and extract on backing
  • Remove molding and open walls if necessary
  • Arange blowers and leave for 2 - 3 days
2nd day:  If wall has been opened we would have scheduled wall repair and molding install.  This is done prior to carpet install as carpet presses against moldings.  wall repair is generally after 3 days and carpet install is done day or two following wall repair.  


Flood damage Prices:
prices are calculated by time and difficulty so need to be estimated on the job. Flood process trip is a minimum of  250.00 and involves at least two trips, which is typical of a small bathroom flood. Some itemized items are:
blower rentall 35 per day each
dehimidifier 65 per day each
trip charge 75.00 and furniture moving
Extraction 100 both sides
disinfetant 35.00


Price guarantee.

Call for prices adjusted for your needs. I usually price on phone and stick to estimate so even though I'm one of the few carpet cleaners in temecula that post all prices on line so don't fear a large total just call.