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House and Home Cleaning:

Clean home Curently Unavailable:
Based in Temecula, Ca. and serving Murrieta, Winchester Ca and surrounding areas. We are the riverside county Reo house cleaning experts. To clean a Repo Home takes some major equipment, knowledge, and elbow grease. Industrial home cleaning is more thorough then a maid service but our price is probably equivalent. Whether we are cleaning your own home, or you are a real estate agent, you can trust us to do a quality job. Click for prices or Read about our house cleaning services below.

Inland Valley Cleaning Services
is located in Temecula ca and we service Murrieta and Winchester ca and all of riverside county. It was started in 1993. It's purpose is to use professional janitorial techniques and equipment to do a better home cleaning in a shorter length of time. Our cleaning service includes Bank Repo's, Move in, Move out, apartments and after construction cleaning. We are licensed and Insured.

Recently I read a list of what a Home cleaning company did. It looked thorough and yet on closer look it didn't mention walls, windows, ovens, floor striping, waxing, a distinction of pattern vacuum, and in general the hard stuff that impresses. The purpose of these lists is deniability, and while my list is more thorough it does bring up cleaning must have limits. For instance I clean walls but this could conceivably take longer then painting and is never truly complete. What I can promise though is that my experience and work ethic means more gets done better and faster for less money.

House Cleaning Equipment:

Equipment is one of the primary difference between me and a maid service. In fact I bring about 50,000.00 worth of equipment to each house, not a few items in a trunk as a maid might. Using a rotary floor machine and steam truck mount for cleaning or striping a floor is more thorough (compare to a mop and broom). Using a large wet vacuum while cleaning houses makes rinsing more effective and dust free, much better then just wiping with a single often dirty towel. I have carpet and home repair tools that are very specialized and costly. I pattern vacuum with a top rated vacuum. Even the fact I usually have about 20 clean towels to dry floors and surfaces to make them sparkle is uncommon.

Whole House Cleaning-Process:
Can be done either Traditional mop and broom, or using more advanced machinery. We do 1/2 price tile and grout cleaning, or strip and waxing, when added to our house cleaning special. Our more advanced cleaning is: Ceramic, We power scrub the floor with a nylon brush and degreaser or acidic chemical. I then steam rinse the floor with Truck mount rotary steamer (SX-12) so no chemical residue is left, Then dried using numerous towels. Linoleum I use a black, or red disk on the floor machine to strip and clean the floor, and then I steam rinse the floor with a wand on gliders and apply a high solid wax. Pergo is cleaned using white disk sometimes red then rinsed and dried being careful to use little water and to dry quickly
 In addition to regular kitchen cleaning our all day House cleaning special includes the heavy duty degreasing of the stove. Strong oven cleaner and a floor scraper is used in the oven to get char and appearance back in shape. We also use oven cleaner in many other hard to clean locations such as under hood areas. Comet is used in drawers and countertop. Cabinets are cleaned then oiled (many do not clean first or do not oil we do both.

 In addition to the typical bathroom cleaning we do a lot of industrial level cleaning in our all day special. The biggest problems in house bathrooms today is the popularity of glass showers. I use lime remover as well as a glass polish to make the glass clear and sparkle once more. The bathtub is cleaned using lime remover which removes soap ring as well as polish to remove scratches. For toilets I use a strong toilet acid that always leave's it bright white I then use cleanser to disinfect it. I often have to remove calcium deposits from spouts and crevices. And polish all fixtures to a bright welcoming shine.

Appliances: House appliances are cleaned and polished. Using stainless steel cleaner or polish is included. Ovens are cleaned using modern acid based oven cleaners. A floor scraper or dull knife is used on interior char. Thick lacquered grease on neighboring areas can be removed with weaker oven cleaners as well.
Walls Not many companies clean walls and door we do! After the cobweb dusting we use a car wash mitt with mild soap and rub walls followed by a dry towel. This prevents paint rub off but removes soil. On some surfaces we do a stronger cleaning.

We do downstairs house windows both sides and upstairs interior house inside window and remove and reinstall screens. Included in hourly charge or priced separate if you only want windows.

Carpet Cleaning:
I discount for including carpets on your home cleaning. I can clean all rooms with Dual process (power scrub then Truck mount steam) and attack red stains with red out, gum/grease with solvents to save an otherwise trashed carpet. With 20 years of experience and being a trainer for other companies you can have confidence if it can come out I get it out.

Home Repairs:
Another major advantage is I don't pass over broken items. Having a background including apartment maintenance I can add simple repairs often free or at least without huge charges. A simple example is if a tub is draining slow I prefer to remove clog rather then just vacuum out the water so it stays clean rather then just work around it. In fact toilets in a repo house are often clogged and I often have to declog before cleaning. I estimate that I have done a repair on almost every home I have cleaned without an extra charge.

Home Merchandising:
On for sale houses I believe strongly in throwing out ugly items. shower/window curtains, cables, remove stickers, bathroom rugs etc.. A house will sell better if it's closer to it's original like new shape. Shades are vacuumed and adjusted to a 45 degree downward angle for best photo's not reversed straight up to hide dust. My record speaks, recently I discovered that 12 of 15 units I cleaned sold in a month while other "cleaned" units and even rehabs were still unsold.

Most complete home cleaning possible:
We strive to be perfect and over the years I have found the common concern areas. We hit these concern areas first so the house is always completed in the 1 day job. We never fail to be complete but some items can be improved on if we run out of time: For instance walls get better with every pass so conceivably we could do them twice.