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Carpet Cleaning in Temecula

Hilbrands Carpet Care in Temecula, Ca. specializes in truck mounted carpet cleaning, carpet repair / restretch and does the best tile and grout cleaning in the Temecula Valley: We also service Murrieta, Winchester and surrounding areas.

Carpet Cleaning prices Hibrands Carpet Care Hilbrands Carpet Care is an owner operator carpet cleaning company based in Temecula California since 1991. We are famous for our truck mounted dual process carpet cleaning method.  Whether dual or regular truck mounted hot water extraction we always clean in a zero residue method (rinsing after chemicals using soft water for softer cleaner carpets). Other services are: tile and grout cleaning, carpet repairs / restretch and upholstery cleaning.

No need to have a high pressure salesman come and give crazy prices just check out my no nonsense prices or read about me below. My prices and 25+ yrs. of experience can't be beat. I am Insured and licensed, and my prices, experience, equipment, chemical choice and care are all reasons why I satisfy my customers!



Carpet Cleaning Video

Here is a video showing dual process carpet cleaning

The Carpet cleaning video above shows the dual process method (using a scrubber before the truck mounted steam cleaning). About half of the jobs I do some dual process.  Usually we just do the two dirtiest rooms which would just add 35.00 and the rest regular truck mounted steam cleaning. To do truck mounted only, on lesser soiled homes, I would prespot with spotters then steam the same as in the video.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

We use premium chemicals.

Carpet cleaning chemical choice is paramount, so I use one that cost me three times the price with results that are amazing. A regular carpet product can cause re soiling (residue), discoloration (high ph.), indoor toxicity (non safe chemicals).
The main chemicals I use are Proschoice pro powder emulsifier and Proschoice Last Step these are one of the few CRI approved chemicals due to their non residual and safe nature. I use Propowder in my scrubber on dirtier carpets and then steam with Last Step making it as green a cleaning as one can get and it comes out very clean.  While some may say they're carpet chemical is just as good these are expensive and I have never seen any better or labeled with so many positives so I highly doubt it.

Carpet and Tile Cleaning Equipment

We use the best equipment for the job

I use one of the strongest Truck Mounts in the Temecula / Murrieta area with 120,000 BTU heater (Check out my system here) or view video above. I also use a carpet and floor rotary machine with dispenser and brush. For tile and grout cleaning I use a high pressure rotary steam machine called an SX-12. I also have so many spotting chemicals ready to go to attack particular problems from red stains to carpets that look trashed. Basically I have the experience and the equipment to clean your carpet.

Carpet Repairs

Expert Carpet Repairs

Damaged carpet in need of carpet repair
Pictures above show a damaged edge from dog damage. Next image is a piece from closet seemed in. Last image is after carpet repaired section was cleaned. As you can see installing a clean carpet repair piece to dirty carpet sometimes needs some cleaning to blend in. You can also see how dirty the carpet was before it was cleaned.

I am considered a carpet repair specialist and my carpet repairs are raved about by my customers. Interestingly because of my experience I charge less because repairs are easy for me. Most companies use huge ranges or have to see it first. I do repairs for set prices. So whether you need a room restretch, new tack strip edge, or a carpet repair, I can make your repair perfect for a reasonable price.
See my Repair prices here.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Best Process without high prices

1/2 finished tile grout cleaning
first image is a 1/2 finished tile. Background is completed while foreground is yet to be done. It illustrates how much dirt is in grout lines and textured area. 2nd picture is of the rotary steam machine 1/2 finished in a laundry room showing rotary steamer removing loosened debris. 3rd is the same laundry after finishing tile and grout cleaning.

Tile Grout Cleaning prices Hibrands Carpet Care Tile and Grout Cleaning: After doing 100's of tile jobs I can say doing tile and grout takes a lot of learning of chemical choice and processes unfortunately there is no standard process to do tile. I have heard of high charges with little results.

Our process is to not just rotary steam the tile but apply special chemicals directly to grout lines. We then grout brush scrub every line lifting grunge before the steam of high pressure hot water using the SX-12 rinsing chemicals and not spraying degreasers thru the machine and leaving to dry on the tile. It takes twice the time but the tile comes out perfect every time.

 My tile and grout cleaning prices are .40 per square foot and have a minimum of 85.00 and have no extras other then optional sealing.  You can go to our services/prices for more price information.

Sealing Tile:
If you choose to seal we use high quality Aquamix pro sealer (best sealer according to the North American Tile Cleaning Organization) and charge just .15 per square foot (This is a 100.00 per gallon sealer not a cheap tile lab product that others use).

Please view the tile grout cleaning video below to see our full process no one cleans tile better or safer then us and we can demo our process for free just call us.

Cleaning Prices

All prices on line so no games.

I am one of the few cleaners that list all prices on line. This is no small thing as many companies come to your home and base prices more on the type of car you drive then the difficulty of the cleaning. Even those that say no bait and switch often quote steam only price failing to price possible options. Options are often 2 to 3 times the original price.

My Carpet cleaning prices are 125.00 for the first 3 rooms and 25.00 for each extra room and 35.00 for stairs.   Extras are low priced and usually don't add over 35.00 total.  Some add a scrubber which is 50.00 for 4 rooms and is usually all the home needs.  Some add 35.00 for whole house black light and enzyme for per odor.  My average job is 200.00 not 400.00 so don't be fooled. See services / Prices for more prices.



I am very happy to as of yet have over 140, 5 star reviews in Temecula for carpet cleaning.

After 20 + years its obvious that today reviews are currently the leading way people find a carpet cleaner. My desire is to not just do the carpet manufacturer recommended cleaning process but to clean carpets better then my competitors, be on time, professional, and considerate while still having lower prices then almost any other carpet cleaning or carpet repair company in Temecula. This is how I generate natural reviews with few one time posters (friend postings) and have received the highest level of reviews from yelp for Carpet cleaning Temecula.


Other Services

Here is a complete list of everything we do.

 Services include: Truck mounted Carpet Cleaning, Dual process Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Carpet Restretch/Repair and Flood damage restoration. You can see more descriptions and prices on my services page

Locations Serviced

We are located in Temecula but serve the surrounding areas.
We are located at 30685 Milky Way Drive, Temecula CA., and while we are often called for carpet cleaning in Temecula we also go within 15 miles to Murrieta, Winchester, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, Fallbrook, and always answer the phone myself. I give quotes that don't change and free advice to cleaners or customers on spotting and repairs so Just call me.

Contact us for more info.
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